A nurse standing in a hospital corridor
A nurse standing in a hospital corridor
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The Importance of Clinical Research

In recent decades, research has led to considerable progress in the field of health, especially in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Research: The Hidden Face of the Healthcare System

Much like an iceberg, a medical research ecosystem lies beneath the visible part of our healthcare system. This ecosystem includes many scientists, ethics boards and clinical research specialists.

Although it is not well known, this medical research ecosystem is essential. It develops and improves all treatments available to the public, and analyzes their efficacy and safety.

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Clinical research

Clinical research is based on previously obtained laboratory results (during the basic and preclinical stages of research). Through clinical trials, this research seeks to show that the possible new treatments are effective and safe for humans.

Depending on the study treatment in question, clinical trials are carried out with participants who are healthy or who have a specific medical condition.

Preclinical research

Preclinical research is based on the knowledge gathered during basic research. It is conducted on animal or human cells (in vitro) or on laboratory animals (in vivo) by university research centres or drug companies.

When preclinical research confirms that the treatment on animals is promising, and if the necessary approvals are obtained, clinical research can begin with a first clinical trial on humans.

Basic research

Basic research advances health knowledge and identifies a solution to a specific health problem in the laboratory.

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Before being tested and approved, any treatment is considered an experimental treatment.

The experimental treatment is evaluated over the course of clinical trials. These trials are done to test the effectiveness and effects (desirable or adverse) of an experimental treatment, and to determine its therapeutic value for a specific medical condition. Before being made available to the public as reliable and recommended treatments, all experimental treatments must be evaluated within the framework of rigorous clinical trials that meet strict regulations and established ethical standards.

Clinical Research: Powering Innovation

Every health innovation offered in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in Quebec is the result of a long research process that is governed by numerous provincial and international laws and regulations. Clinical research is a key component of this innovation process.

Every day, health innovations have a positive impact on people’s quality of life. They lead to the development of new treatments such as:

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There are different types of clinical research, which are used to draw conclusions about the causes of a disease, or to test different treatments on groups of people.

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