A group of doctors looking at a medical record
A group of doctors looking at a medical record
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Our team is available to support patients, caregivers and medical staff members throughout the care journey and help identify clinical trials that meet their criteria, free of charge.

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Although our team is here to help you find a clinical trial, the decision to participate is yours. This decision must be made in an informed manner, after discussion with the healthcare team and the research team responsible for the clinical trial.

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How Does Our Personalized Support Service Work?

When you contact our Personalized Clinical Trial Support Service, our qualified staff search for available clinical trials that meet the requested criteria. The results of this search are presented in the form of a report that can be used to start or facilitate discussions about the suitability of the clinical trial for:

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The Steps of Our Personalized Support Service

Receiving your Request​

Contact our team by phone, by email or by completing our online request form. After obtaining your consent, one of our agents compiles the information and begins the search for clinical trials based on your criteria. ​

Personalized Search for Clinical Trials​

Our team of professionals conducts a personalized search for clinical trials that meet the requested criteria. They then contact the research sites to confirm their recruitment status, to specify some additional eligibility criteria, and to verify the sites’ accessibility options.​

Submitting the Search Report​

A preliminary report containing the identified clinical trials is sent within three business days of the request. A final report is then provided once all additional information has been collected from the research sites.

Discussion with the Treating Medical Team​

It is essential for the patient and family to discuss the search report with their treating team to determine whether clinical research is to be considered and to identify which clinical trial would be suitable for the patient.​

Continuous Search Service​

Since there is a possibility that no clinical trials meet your search criteria, you can sign up for our Continuous Search Service to receive an update if some clinical trials become available. A new request can also be initiated if your search criteria change.​