Un médecin travaille dans un laboratoire
Un médecin travaille dans un laboratoire
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Quebec’s Public Clinical Trials Database

Quebec’s public clinical trial Database, developed by SemiWeb via the Nagano platform, identifies clinical trials that are ongoing, completed or scheduled to begin in the near future in Quebec, in Canada and around the world. The Database compiles and shares, in real time, data from the computer system used by institutions in Quebec’s health and social services network (the Nagano system) and data from ClinicalTrials.gov (an international public Database).


Please note that this Database was developed by a third party and that Clinical Trials Quebec (CATALIS) is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or for updating its content.

Please also note that research teams in Quebec are in the process of translating and updating the recruitment status of their clinical trials. This means that in the meantime some trials may be available only in English. If you do not understand the language in which the information is available or if you prefer to receive free support to search for and identify clinical trials, contact our team via the Personalized Clinical Trial Support Service.

The Public Clinical Trial Database is powered by information available on the Nagano computer platform used by Quebec health institutions, as well as information from ClinicalTrials.gov. When available, information from the Nagano platform is prioritized to provide study information in French, as well as recruitment status (study and cohort) in real time to facilitate patient referrals in Quebec. If you are a study sponsor and would like to have prioritized data from the Nagano platforms removed and thus force prioritization of data from Clinical Trials, submit a request to registreQc@semiweb.ca. In accordance with copyright law, the Database provider (SemiWeb) will withdraw the information within two business days. If you wish to change your project information, you will need to contact the research team, who will apply the requested changes.